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"Make it simple, but significant." - Anonymous


It astonish me how much a space influence and effects the

people occupying the space.  The way spaces are connected and

the materials, colours and light all carries such weight in how we function and operate every day.


I have this passion and desire in me to bring out

the potential out of a space through combining it with

the potential and and essence of the people living in these spaces.

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My Story

Have you every paused for a moment just to take note of your surroundings.

Where are you sitting now? What do you feel and how does that space

around you effect your mood and your lifestyle?

These are the type of things that constantly go through my mind every where I go. 

Being a designer you get to see these thing, you see potential where others neglect.

It is all in the finer detail, from sharp the lighting in a space is to the colours and textures that connect people with a space. Satio Interior Design was born out of

the passion and longing to see people's live enhanced by opening up there eyes

to the loud yet very silent voice of our every day surroundings.


The word 'satio' is Latin for sowing and a root word for the word seasons.The main goal of Satio interior design is to take interior spaces and breath life in them, so that these spaces can effectively fill the need of the users in the space. 


Satio Interior Design aims to take whatever space

is presented and to bring it into a summer season again. These space will 

in effect add flavour to the surrounding communities and families 

living in these spaces.

At Satio interior design we want to sow back into the lives of our 

clients by bringing their dreams into reality and creating spaces that

enables the user to live out their lives in honesty. 


S - Soul - Essence 


We understand that the spaces we live in is a reflection and 

an extension of who we are, therefore spaces should be designed 

to build and promote true and authentic living and not work against it. 


A - Abiding - Evergreen


Just as the protea flower is an evergreen plant our

company strives to develop spaces that will continually

inspire and enhance the lives of the people living and moving 

through these spaces. 


T- Transcribe


Transcribe is to take thoughts and speech and put it in writing,

or to make it a reality. Just as every client have their own needs, 

dreams and visions, we collaborate with our clients to relate their

thoughts and ideas into reality.


I - Irenic -Pacific 


The word irenic speaks of peace and tranquility, we aim

through our designs add to the value of the interior spaces and

as a result that it adds to and enhance every client's quality of life. 


O - Openness - Honesty 


In every project we aim to reflect the needs and requirements 

of our clients in the most honest ways possible.  For them to get

the most possible use and functionality from the space.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

071 585 7150 

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